Monitoring and diagnostics


We are proud to offer our own software solution for monitoring of the power plant operation, diagnosing of faults and defects and managing not only solar installations, but also hybrid installations and other renewable energy sources. Modern analytical tools allow us to evaluate various electrical parameters as well as their dependencies and trends. Thanks to this a number of faults can be detected already at the symptomatic stage and thus avoid costly repairs.

The software also includes tools for the power plant management, automatic validity control of all related documents as well as stock and inventory tracking. Our solution has been developed and designed to effectively operate both individual power plants and large RES project portfolios, suitable for power plant owners as well as for service companies and their operational centers.

  • Smart alarm system
  • Intuitive web solution
  • Easy accessibility for field technicians
  • Detailed information about the course of service interventions on the power plants
  • System for registering warehouse inventory, documents and staff inputs
  • User-Defined Reporting and Notifications
  • Production forecast