Photon Energy Group

Photon Energy Group

Photon Energy Operations is a part of Photon Energy Group, leading global company offering turnkey solutions in solar industry. 

  • 75+ MWp of PV solar power plants commissioned in 6 countries across two continents.
  • Own proprietary portfolio of 51.7 MWp in four countries across two continents.
  • Photon Energy not only manages own portfolio, but also helps its clients maximize profitability of their power plants as an experienced EPC partner and thanks to our highly efficient approach to O&M activities.
  • A team of over 120 professionals worldwide.
  • Founded in 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Photon Energy NV is a publicly listed company since June 2013 on NewConnect stock exchange in Poland and in the Free Market on the Prague Stock Exchange.
  • Photon Energy provides top-quality, reliable and competitively priced solar solutions. May the sun shine!

Whether you are looking for an experienced EPC partner or aiming to maximize theyield of your solar power plant, rest assured that Photon Energy understands your business incentives.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the solar industry and proven track record of results, we are confident to offer comprehensive service solutions covering the entire life of the solar power plants, i.e. starting from planning and design up to monitoring and installation maintenance. We present an innovative company dedicated to delivering a first-class solar solutions that are highly reliable, cost-effective and applicable anywhere where the sun shines. 

Our corporate divisions:

  • Photon Energy Projects
    Project development for rooftop and greenfield installations from 300 kW to 300 MW.
  • Photon Energy Solutions
    Design and construction of on-grid and off-grid installations, including battery storage solutions.
  • Photon Energy Technology
    Trading and distribution of PV components (panels and inverters).
  • Photon Energy Investments
    Investments in PV power plants for sustainable production and sale of solar energy.
  • Photon Energy Operations
    Operations and maintenance (O&M) of PV power plants, including own control room and monitoring software.
  • Photon Energy Control
    Own monitoring, planning and supervision software platform for managing RES power plants.
  • Photon Water
    Comprehensive services in the fields of contaminated land and ground water remediation and water purification.

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